Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Forbidden City

Area Map for my students' campaign.

I cranked out this map on the back of an old piece of poster board (roughly 24"x18") using an off-brand sharpie.  It is, as any old school Grognard will be sure to spot, simply a re-imaging of the ruined city in a crater from TSR's 1981 Dwellers of the Forbidden City .

Photgraphed digitally, "Bawal Bayan" can now be projected onto my classroom SMARTBoard so that the kids can mark it up and save their ink layers as they try various routes of exploration.  Oh ... and I added some labels w/ a ballpoint pen to suggest various sites for exploration, reasoning that the adventurers won't be the first ones to arrive at the site.  This way I can also work up some rumors (always!) that pertain to various locations ... e.g. "I heard from a wizard who interrogated a captured frog-thing that the giant mound in the northeast quarter of the city contains a huge golden egg!"

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