Sunday, May 25, 2014

Death by Disposable Dinnerware [a brief detour]

Allow me a brief detour from our normal fare ...

Looks innocuous, doesn't it?  Just a harmless, blue, paper plate.  But we are in birthday season here at the Perdue household, and that means rather than musing on middle school and role-playing (okay, I still mused, just not quite as much), I've been spending the last few days gearing up for another of our themed birthday bashes.

Someone living at my house is a big fan of a certain British Sci-Fi program ... and so ...
BEHOLD! ... the rise of the Cyber-plates!  They'll serve as (inexpensive!) masks for what I'm sure will be a spirited game of freeze-tag.  Those tagged will (obviously) be converted into yet more android undead.

But wait, there's more!  Sonic screwdrivers for the guests (they'll need them for part of the scavenger hunt).

  My wife collected some necessary tools for a Pin-the-face-on Cassandra game ... ("moisturize me!")

... And what kids' party would be complete without these beauties?  We'll be putting our own twist on flashlight tag!

All this and a 2/3rds scale tardis too!
We'll get back to Bawal Bayan next time, but meanwhile I couldn't help but share.

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