Friday, May 9, 2014

Modified DAGGER Character Sheet

I love the character sheets produced for Dagger by Brave Halfling Publishing.  Have a look here. The focus on empty space for a character portrait or symbol puts the player in the creative driver's seat and the hints of a wilderness map in the background emphasize exploration and wondering what's just over the horizon.

That being said, I'm thinking about trying to bring Dagger and tabletop role-playing to groups of up to 30 kids at a time ... I think the goal and focus of the character sheet as a tool have to shift somewhat.

Below is my third or fourth attempt ... I give it a grade of "C".

Some of my thinking:

  • Demystify the jargon "armor class" by associating it with a shield symbol
  • Use the heart icon to associate hit points with life (e.g. Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc)
  • Side step encumbrance by giving each character a limited number of equipment "slots" (platemail counts as two!  Most characters have six)
  • List some common choices that players can choose from on their turn

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