Monday, May 12, 2014

Rumors from the Forbidden City

Rumors my explorers might hear back at the company stockade:

1. The son of a local native chieftain was captured by raiders and carried off to the Forbidden City to be sacrificed.

2. Sergeant Karric died of brain fever, but he was seen walking through the jungle yesterday at twilight.

3. Some of the native porters and guides are secretly serpent cultists and are waiting for the right moment to betray expedition members and attack!

4. Local natives say that there is a spirit well somewhere within the ruins that grants a single wish to anyone who drinks from it.

5. Some of the strange pipes that can be heard in the crater can make explorers go mad, forget their friends and families, or leap off the rim to their deaths.

6. A swarm of vhaghul-flies can completely strip the flesh from a person in under a minute. You had better listen carefully for their humming!

7. Don't drink the water down in the crater. It's poisonous!

8. A scout swore that he saw some of the stones in the northwest corner of the crater moving on their own.

9. The Black Canyon leads down into the crater, but strange creatures guard that route.

10. The Black Canyon isn't the only way down into the Forbidden City. Other more secret routes exist.

11. Natives say that sometime intruders into the Bawal Bayan are turned to stone.

12. The sound of drums, flutes, and tambourines can sometimes be heard at night from the Great Ziggurat.

13. A huge egg of solid gold is buried somewhere within The Mound.

14. An expedition that tried to repel down the north face to the bottom of he crater was attacked by huge hornets!

15. A troop of greenish apes make their home in the Century Tree.

16. Strange coughing sounds can be heard from the crater at night. Natives say that this is the voice of some predatory jungle cat.

17. Only a madman would attempt to take the Fool's Stair down to the bottom of the crater. The stone there is so crumbled and rotten that it will collapse right under you.

18. There is a cave hidden behind the waterfall on the eastern side of the crater.

19. A rogue wizard has made his secret lair somewhere in the crater. He kills or enslaves anyone who discovers his hideout.

20. An earlier expedition recovered a golden statue of a crocodile-headed man from near the Avenue of the Gods.

21. Natives say that the kwech-ga birds that make the distinctive call that sounds like, "lor-la-rye!"are actually the souls of dead children and are a sure sign that someone will soon die.

22. Beware the white ape!

23. Some of the snails that live along the canals grow translucent, pinkish pearls inside their shells.

24. The natives speak in whispers of the yuan-ti, monstrous followers of the dreadful serpent cult.

25. Cannibals prowl the rim trail, waiting to pounce on the unwary.

26. Some of the ferns that grow on the southern face of the crater wall have healing properties.

27. One of the old-timers swears he saw the trees along the trail to the stockade moving all by itself.

28. There is a hidden room under the feet of the Fallen Colossus.

29. The entrance of many of the temples are trapped.

30. Many of the predators in the crater hunt by smell. If you cover your scent with grub-berry juice you'll stink like a dead turtle, but it may save your skin!

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