Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rogue Trader comes to Lego City

My daughter asked to play Rogue Trader again, but this time she had something specific in mind for a battlefield ... and so Craftworld Leh'Goh was born!

Leaving the crimson grasslands behind, a squad of intrepid Imperial Guardsmen
moved into the margins of a strange, ruined city (and yes, that's a tardis on the left).

Unbeknownst to the guardsmen,
a gang of space orks from
Toe Cheeze clan deserted
their band to scour the
ruins for loot.
The guardsmen spied a six-level
structure rising beyond an overgrown
plaza -- the roof would be the
perfect place to set up their
team's relay beacon.

First contact!  As the other five orks took up positions in the tower,
ork boss "Ax-L" led the other half of his boys along the west side
of the plaza, making toward an old dais (and the loot).  He was
spotted by the humans, however, and lasgun fire cracked across the
 oddly studded streets.

But wait, what's this!?  Having blundered into holy precincts,
the space orks unwittingly awoke a squad of ancient, alien
guardians.  [We set a countdown and diced to determine
which side the eldar would pursue first.]

Acting on an earlier split-order, five guardsmen made a dash
for the tower with plans to ascend to the top and place their beacon.
Meanwhile, the rest of the squad, under the direction of Lt. Terrell,
established a line in the rubble on the east side of the plaza and provided
covering fire.  By then, however, Ax-L had scrambled to the top of
the dais and, recovering the loot and crouching before the statue of an ancient
psycher (Gandalf), he picked Terrell off from afar!  The rest of Terrell's
group turned and fled!

Shaking off the effects of their long sleep, the eldar guardians began to stalk the unwitting orks through the ruins.

The merciless eldar sprang upon on
the orks, cutting them down.  Ax-L
showed his mettle in the end, however,
hewing down attackers with his mighty
axe ... the eldar broke and fled back
toward their stasis chamber. 

Meanwhile, the remaining five guardsmen began working their way up the tower,
floor-by-floor.  Most of the orks had already been cleared out by fire from across the
plaza, but one fierce brute held the top floor and kept them at bay for several rounds,
trading shots around corners, until a volley of lasgun fire finally brought him down. 

At long last, the guardsmen gained the
top of the tower and placed their beacon
alongside the husk of a giant spider
(Shelob of course) ...

Displaying 20160218_171358.jpgDisplaying 20160218_171358.jpgDisplaying 20160218_171358.jpg
... but it was too late!  Loaded down with loot, Ax-L had
already made his get-away -- victory went to the space orks!

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