Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Little Progress

Just a quick post today to share some progress on the (cheap!) miniatures I'm preparing for my middle school Summer Enrichment class.

I've primed the "elven" archers and started on faces (the tricky bit) but didn't have any flesh-colored paint left.  Turns out that my gray-brown butternut with a dab of white and a dab of yellow made for a serviceable skin tone.  I'm a big fan of blacklining as it covers for a shaky hand and is a shortcut I prefer over mixing several different shades of the same color.  The result is not nearly as beautiful as the careful gradation that some painters labor to produce, but is workable (and a heck of a lot faster).

Here are those spearmen from last post that I've converted into wizards.  The plastic was surprisingly durable and I had to do a fair amount of hacking with snips to get the shield-arm off.  Poses are a bit odd, but I'm pretty certain that nobody will have any trouble recognizing these fellows as wizards.  I'll go with some color highlights on belts and maybe tunics or staves, but the predominant color on these chaps will remain black since in two of my three current role-playing campaigns wizards are recognized by their distinctive black cloaks (as much as for anything in the hat department).

I likely won't get another crack at painting until Sunday.  Class starts July 14 and I'll have to remain fairly focused if I want to reach my goal of getting at least 36 minis ready by then.

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