Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Games Camp: Big Map

This week I whipped up a campaign map for our two week summer games camp.  In prior years we've focused the action on the many continental wars between Walvia and Bhatvia or seen rival fleets sail south to dare pirates, storms, and sea monsters along the Blood Coast (where Bawal Bayan lies hidden in the jungle), but this years we'll focus on the far north of the campaign world and remote, rocky highlands of the Cramanthain clanfolk.

Here's the map with an actual
middle schooler for scale!
There, rival clan chiefs will vie with each other to attain the wealth and glory they need to unify their fractious people and throw off the yoke of foreign "Flatlander" nations. 

Victory here will determine which team ultimately wins the tournament for that week but, as in prior years, participation and success in the many "satellite" board, card, and role playing games can earn each team glory or wealth (measured in goats ... the standard currency of the Cramanthain) which they can bring back to the main campaign map to help them raise warbands or influence villages there.

As always, events during the summer camps will directly impact the campaign setting that hosts my long-running Olde School Wizardry RPG ... choices made by the middle schoolers here can change alliances, sweep away or introduce important NPCs, or shift national boundaries.

I have to keep careful records to account for it all, but in the end it gives the campaign setting a vibrant, "living" quality where things interact in ways I couldn't have anticipated and provides a world of greater verisimilitude for my players.

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