Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Olde School Wizardry -- My Brain Child

Lookit!  I just received a printed draft copy of my very own homebrew RPG, "Olde School Wizardry," to use with my summer games classes this July.
It's a game of neophyte wizards struggling to make their way in a big, harsh world where their seniors use a carefully entrenched "goode olde boy system" to keep the little guys marginalized.

Sort of a Harry Potter / Firefly mashup that I've been thinking about since at least 2002 and playing twice a month for around six years now.

It is a six-stat, roll d20 vs target number, no-skills, no-levels, rules-lite with a really flexible magic system in which every casting is completely customized.

This is just a draft -- as I work with my friend Josh Zusmer on layout and editing I'm probably still a year out on anything I'd be willing to call complete.  I still want to add a full chapter (scenarios), several appendixes, an index and some original artwork, but seeing it starting to come together is pretty thrilling. 

Because this copy isn't just a draft to help me revise layout, make choices, and line-edit, but it is also a table copy for actual play, I went with spiral binding.  I learned with my copy of Dwimmermount that this works much better at the game table than something I have to prop open.

Anyway, just wanted to share a bit of my glee.

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