Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Newbie DM Sound Off

Though my Strategy Games Class is on ice for now, here are some notes from three brand new DMs reflecting on their first few sessions running a stripped-down version of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition:

Carl: "I think the best part about being a DM is how you have to creatively develop a plot and dialog for your dungeon.  Being a DM isn't the easiest though.  You usually have to deal with player complaints.  Also, it isn't the easiest to come up with concepts for rooms and how they influence other rooms."

Dallas: "The best part of being a DM was that you got to create a story while someone changes it with you.  I find the hardest part of being a DM is trying to keep [players] engaged and focused on the campaign."

Eric: "The best part of DMing is the amount of creativity you can put into the rooms.  It's actually quite difficult to try to stay quite balanced while having fun too, because you want all the players active."

Pretty cool insights.  Later I'll share some reflections from the players' side of things as well.

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