Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Olde School Mischief

With the assistance and prodding of a few friends, I'm continuing to march through writing my first draft of Olde School Wizardry -- an all-wizard RPG with a moderately crunchy magic system.

I'm currently deep in Chapter Six: Campaign & Setting ...

Though I'm leery of coming off as too Harry Potter, the Wizard's College that is developed in the setting does make use of a house system, with trainee-wizards pledging to various houses during the latter half of their first year.

Here's the first draft version of Bentbrock House

"Conscientia Ex Carne"  (Out of the Flesh, Understanding)

Common Schools of Study: Carnomancy, Goblins, Spoons, Butter, Ale

Founded via bequest by the famous former Archchancellor Brober Bentbrock, this house was once considered among the Collegium Mysterium's most prestigious.  Events in more recent decades, however, have seen a precipitous decline in the reputation of Bentbrock House as prominent graduates, among them even some of the former Archchancellor's own relations, have become involved in a series of scandals.  Now a byword for decadence and debauchery, the wizards of Bentbrock House are most interested in bending magic to serve their own pleasures. 

Opium den in the East End of London, 1874

I aim to develop about a dozen student houses.  None convey mechanical benefits in the Olde School Wizardry system, but each offers the player some ideas to riff off of when developing his or her neophyte wizard.

Apart from a motto, common schools of study, a description, and perhaps details of a few notable alumni, I wonder what other details would be helpful to players?

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