Saturday, May 9, 2015

Player Fan Fic

If fan fiction is a metric of  for any particular source of entertainment, then one of my ten-year-old Homeguard players is hooked on tabletop indeed!

Here is a short piece of writing, completed as part of a homework assignment, in which she narrates a scene from Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

I've left spelling and punctuation as is.
Bonus points for whoever identifies the monster first!

"Aareck poked his head into the room.  It had an unusual, natural kind of shape to it.  It had a low ceiling, and he could see a door on the far side.  The stairs were slick under his feet.  But the most noticebal thing about the room was the vegitation.  The room was covered with all shapes and sizes of fungi, mushrooms, and moss.  It came in all shades, from bright blue and red, to a sickly green.  The fungus spread everywhere, even creeping up the walls, ecept for two narrow paths, winding through the odd plantlife and then meeting at the far door. 

Aareck and Max took the front, with Bogger and Grandolf in the middle and Rosie taking the rear.  He had only taken about three steps along the left path when suddenly the ground gave way beneath him!  He went tumbleing down into the fungi, Max sliding after him.  

Suddenly, a huge mushroom popped its root out of the ground, and began to advanse.  Long purple tentecals lashed out from under it.  It sprayed out a purpleish liquid.  Some of it splashed on Aareck, and it burned where it made contact with him.  Max started to slash at it, but it was not much good.  "Pull Max out, I'll distract it," yelled Aareck to the others, but even as he shouted these orders, he wondered if they would be his last."

I wonder if most RPG players who start as kids try their hand at writing their favorite character's tale at least once or twice?

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