Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Olde School Wizardry: Trying for the A+

In these posts, I've hardly mentioned my several-year-old men-with-beards role-playing campaign, but as much time as I throw at gaming with kids, I devote at least an equal amount of energy and effort to gaming with adults.  "Olde School Wizardry" is the name of both our campaign and our homebrew rules system.

In our latest episode of OSW, part of a Slave Lords / A-Series remix, the characters (all of whom are fifth-year students of the premier institution for wizardry) battled their way through guardian "Mants" and succeeded in rescuing prestigious Professor Funan Ris (Th.D. School of Air) from the tropical isle where he had been spirited away to labor out his days in the sugar cane fields.

Upon returning to the Collegium Mysterium each character / student is required to submit a detailed report on what transpired to the school administration.

Players will identify:

1. The one person who is most to blame for all this nasty business

2. The one person who deserves the most credit for resolving things in a way that preserves the gravity and decorum of the Collegium

3. The one person who wasn't at all helpful

4. The one detail that he wishes to omit mention of at all costs

5. The one plan of action he urges the administration to take

6. The one course of action he wishes to hint at without actually saying plainly

System: Players roll 1d20 + Charisma modifier. 

10-11 = the student wizard's report pretty much conveys his intent 
8-9 = one of his positions on the topics above is misconstrued
6-7 = two are misconstrued
4-5 = three are misconstrued
2-3 = four are misconstrued
0-1 = five of the wizard's points are ignored or misunderstood
< 0 = utter hilarity ensues

I haven't yet decided on the positive results, but suspect that a result of, let's say 14 (+2), trumps successes by other players, allowing a player to deflect blame and cast it on someone else.

Players who go to the trouble to actually write out their reports in-character will receive a substantial bonus on the dice.

Wizards are naturally a competitive lot and vying for prestige and class rank is the order of the day, so this little embedded mini-game will allow for ample intrigue and political backstabbing!

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