Friday, August 15, 2014

The Pitch

Okay, with just a few weeks left until school starts, it's time for me to make my pitch for a games-focused enrichment class. If this goes off the way I hope it does, I could be spending 90 minutes every-other day teaching middle schoolers the basics of role-playing!

So here's my draft pitch ...

Working Title: Adventure Games - Storytelling and Game Design

Course Objectives: Students will develop proficiency in a collaborative narrative framework which emphasizes cooperation, analysis, creative problem-solving, oral communication, and good sportsmanship.  Once conversant in the storytelling framework, students will extend their learning by generating their own settings and by developing the skills to manage peers through the narrative process.  Finally, students will be challenged to go beyond the existing framework and develop concepts, settings, and rational procedures for their own storytelling games.

Kid-friendly course description: Hercules, The Hobbit, Hunger Games -- what would it be like to step into those stories and become part of the action?  Adventure Games will give you that chance as you learn to play storytelling games, explore new challenges, and discover new worlds with your friends.

"How many can I put ya' down for? A lot?
Please say a lot.  I need this ..."
-- Ol' Gil
Hopefully I'll know something by the middle of next week.
What do you think?  Do you like my odds?

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