Monday, July 14, 2014

The Best Part of My Day ...

... was when the knight and the wizard got dragged down into the giant ant nest, still alive and kicking.

Yes ... that's actually Joan Collins in
Empire of the Ants (1977).  Can you believe it?

Today was the first of my (8) day-long summer school sessions and, with the help of some incredibly competent, generous, and just downright cool high school kids (former students), we brought six and a half straight hours of gaming Geekiness to 16 middle school kids.

By my count, today we played:
  • two games of Catan
  • one game of Citadels (Fantasy Flight)
  • two games of Pirate's Cove
  • Risk
  • one chess match
  • one game of Stratego
  • two games of Robo Rally (one was an elimination death-match)
  • two sessions of Dagger for Kids (RPG)
  • nine turns of Ghult: Coast of Blood (our homebrew scaffold game)

When polled at the end of the day, every kid said that they had a good time and all but two responded that they played a new game for the first time today (apparently they didn't count Ghult, else it would have been all 16).

... but seriously, the best part?  When they split the party (for the second time) and got dragged off by giant ants.  Just classic.

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