Monday, March 1, 2021

Another Big Day for OSW

Here in the hallowed halls of The Collegium Mysterium, we are celebrating another momentous day ...

Olde School Wizardry: The Nine Ancient Runes of Magic is now available for general sales both as a pdf and as a print-on-demand hardback.

If you missed our initial Kickstarter offering or have enjoyed cuddling with your own copy of our chunky tome and want to share that love with your friends, the hour is at hand.  They can now order their very own!

In addition, Josh and I have put some oft-put-upon practicum students to work developing player resources for your table.

These now include:
* pdf character sheets (both original and fillable)
* Dervigg's Fantastic Formula Manager: a handy spreadsheet for looking up Magical Formulae
* Meestan Meep's Astonishingly Precise Cartography: a map of the Grand Duchy of Walvia and neighboring nations

These resources are available HERE

We are also inviting those interested in Olde School Wizardry to join us on Facebook at Olde School Wizardry or on Discord at Fearsome Games.

See you there!


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  2. I wanted to ask how your system for "Into teh wild" s coming & are doing anymore interviews?

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