Saturday, September 8, 2018

All Elves (a BECMI memory)

I was looking back at some photos and found this picture of an old adventuring party.  My then-ten-year-old was running us through the starter dungeon in BECMI and we decided it would be fun if we all made elves.  

Alvin was the leader.  Breet was the crazy one. Darin didn't say much ... I remember that each elf knew a different spell.  I think we rolled randomly and just re-rolled any duplicates.  I recall getting Light and Floating Disc, but don't know if anyone got Sleep or Charm.

My favorite memory was of loading the (now dead) carrion crawler from the pit onto the Floating Disc, shooting it full of arrows, dousing it with oil and setting it alight before running right at the kobold sentries screaming, "Run for your lives! The beast won't die!"

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