Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Homeguard Campaign: Our Module List

Image result for marsh cook d&dI really enjoy published modules -- even the real rotters.  I can almost always find a way to springboard off of a premise or stitch together scenarios by having NPCs pull double duty as recurring enemies, foils, or allies.  After finishing a scenario this weekend, I decided to make a list of what I've played with my daughters in our "Homeguard" B/X D&D campaign over the last five years ... it's quite a run!

1. In Search of the Unknown (B1)
2. Shrine of the Sacred Spring (home brew five level dungeon)
3. The Keep on the Borderlands (B2)
4. Keep on the Shadowfell (H1 for 4e)
5. The Forest Oracle (N2)
6. Horror on the Hill (B5)
7. Palace of the Silver Princess (B3)
8. The Great Escape (chapter from B9)
9. Rahasia (B7)
10. Journey to the Rock (B8)
11. The Isle of Dread (X1)
12. Hoard of the Dragon Queen (5e) -- also select chapters after #7, #15, and #17
13. Castle Ravenloft (I6)
14. The Clearing of Castle Caldwell and Dungeons of Terror (chapters from B9)
15. Against the Cult of the Reptile God (N1)
16. The Lost City (B4)
17. Beyond the Crystal Cave (UK1)
18. Xonthal's Tower chapter from The Rise of Tiamat (5e)
19. The Eye of the Serpent (UK5)
20. Chapter from Bestiary of Giants and Dragons (AC10)
21. The Sunless Citadel (3e)
22. The Gauntlet (UK3)
23. Castle Amber (X2)
24. Tales of Enchantment (GA3, 2e)
25. The Forge of Fury (3e)
26. Castle Greyhawk -- select chapters (WG7)
27. Drums on Fire Mountain (X8)

This weekend three beloved characters finally hit level 7--quite an accomplishment!
I should mention that each of my players maintains a stable of PCs, so not every character goes on every adventure.  Often "The Golden Dragons" are scattered across hundreds of miles or even across different worlds, chasing down separate leads.  

Image result for danse macabreAlso, while I don't use level drain for undead (I find that it interrupts play in a way that's anticlimactic--I use permanent hit point loss instead), I do use a house rule that a PC raised from the dead returns one level lower than she was before ... meaning that 1st level characters can be brought back, but that their careers are over and that "Normal Man" types cannot be raised at all.  Obviously this approach slows advancement too.

In addition to this list, we play many other one-shots and homebrew adventures that aren't part of this campaign.  For example, Stonehell: Down Night Haunted Halls, Master of the Desert Nomads, and Temple of Death.  Our play ranges outside of D&D too of course ... White Star, Star Frontiers, Gamma World (2e), Advanced Marvel Super Heroes, Call of Cthulhu (1890s), and even some Gangbusters have all made entertaining palette cleansers and diversions along the way!

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