Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Campaign Concept: Elves and Goblins

What if ... elves, halflings, and goblins are actually the same critters?

Before ...

After but a few generations in the Fields Men Know, the offspring of elves are born smaller, short-lived, and eventually twisted.
... and after.
Elves don't choose to linger in mortal lands by preference of course, but those few who do appear in the mundane world are exiles -- driven from the undying kingdom after a failed coup -- or on quests for their ageless lords.

Some elves attempt to stave off the decline of their bloodlines by switching their infants for those of mortals -- and thus a "half-elf" or "halfling" child might be raised among humans.

This idea doesn't fit in any of my three current campaigns ... but I bet I'll get some mileage out of it at some point.

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