Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Six Against Savage Quen!

Here's a quick photo from my after-school club--six set out at low tide to wrest the fabled black pearl from the sunken tower ... but the four elves and their two lion companions will have to outsmart the notorious pirate Savage Quen if they are to win the prize!

DCC79-5Taking a break from a couple months of 5th edition, we've turned back to a much simpler house-ruled Basic D&D, retaining ascending AC and Death Checks for fallen explorers.  Dungeon Crawl Classics, though often a bit verbose and mechanically crunchy for my taste, is easy to adapt on the fly.

Though DCC scenarios are generally pretty short in terms of encounters (if not word-count), we've already played two full sessions in the tower and, given 6th grader focus, we probably go two more until they either achieve victory or taste bitter defeat.